Welcome to the Revolution Project's Homepage!

Who We Are

Founded in 2020 in Columbus Georgia, the Revolution Project endeavors to end the rampant inactivity of our locally elected officials. We aim to introduce needed changes into the city, such as the legalization of marijuana, the construction of more homeless shelters, the protection of the environment, and the further protection of women's rights. We endeavor to help pass bills and ordinances in our local city to ensure the equitable treatment is given to our fellow citizens.

We are committed to uplifting the marginalized members of the community. We have hosted pride festivals, concerts with local artists such as D$AM, Luna Rxse, and Logan Swaim; and monthly distribution drives to help the homeless population. These events are designed to further strengthen the community, and ensure that proper aid is provided to the most vulnerable in the city.

Want To Volunteer?

There are multiple ways to volunteer with us.

The first is coming to our Wednesday night meetings from 6:30-8:30 at Columbus State University (CSU) Howard Hall building. At these meetings, we discuss and plan future and in progress events for the group. The bulk of the work done for weekly meetings is through phone banking, data sifting and collection, research on various important topics related to our operations, and graphic design for our events and potential merchandise. While anyone is free to do what they desire to help the organization, the biggest assistance would be phone banking. This involves calling people from our list of numbers and, if they answer, read through a script that tells the listener of the events being planned over the next few weeks and months. Anyone interested will be properly trained and given the guidance needed to successfully make calls.

Interested in an internship and living in the Georgia/Alabama area? Let us know by contacting (custom email here) and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Want to help in other ways?

We understand that not everyone is available for volunteering, so we have other ways to support our work. The first is spreading the word about us. Send our linktree to people you think would be interested in our work. Also please follow our instagram and Twitter , alongside bookmarking our website to receive updates on our future projects and events. You can also show your support by attending our various events we have every month. These include concerts, clean up events, and homeless distribution events. The biggest thing you can do to help is donating to the cause. These can be either physical items for our homeless distribution (food, clothing, bedding, hygiene supplies) or things that could help improve the ability for our organization to function (software, discounts to products, anything you feel could help us). There are also financial donations which are used to either pay for the homeless distribution, pay for subscriptions for products, merchandise creation, the development of proprietary software/hardware, and paying employees. If you are interested in donating, please use this link (link to donation page) to access our donation page (you can also go on the donate page at the top; all roads lead to the same path).

Have any special donations not covered here? Any important or interesting ideas for the organization? Let us know! Contact (Cody's email/custom email just for this?) to get in contact with us. You can also message us on Instagram and Twitter if that is more convenient

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